Through mindfulness training and Brain Versatilizing exercises that promote neuroplasticity, Power Brain literally helps our kids build their focus and attention.

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Emotional Wellness


Emotions are a huge part of our day-to-day lives, aren’t they? How many different emotions have you felt so far today? How do you want to feel? And what’s keeping you from feeling this way more of the time? With the challenges of academic and social pressures, combined with typical hormonal changes as our children develop, our kids can often feel overwhelmed by a wide range of emotions.

Through Power Brain training, we give our students an empowering understanding of emotional wellness. Students learn that emotions are temporary states and they practice identifying and accepting the emotions they are feeling, releasing the emotions that aren’t beneficial and even creating the emotions that they want.

Through positive and proactive practice, students learn that we create happiness through our choices and habits. We celebrate the Brain Operating System principle that “Good news creates a good brain” and we have fun creating endorphins in our brain through smiling and laughing exercises that promote a positive mindset.

Happy actions create happiness! So if you want to be happy, don’t just sit there waiting for it, let’s create it! And since emotions are contagious, the people around you will become happier too!

The number one reason students underperform — whether it’s a piano recital, a basketball game or a state math test – is anxiety. Through Power Brain training, we teach our students stress management techniques to deal with anxiety and stress.

We’ve all had the experience of being in front of a large group or some similarly stressful situation and forgetting basic information or having our mind go blank — we call this performance or test anxiety.

With the increased emphasis on common core and standardized testing in the school system, our children are exposed to more and more stress associated with high stakes testing. Research shows that students who have skills to regulate this stress perform at a higher level than students who don’t.

Through Power Brain training we educate our students about the cause of anxiety — when we’re stressed our brain releases cortisol, a stress hormone, thereby activating the “fight or flight” response from our sympathetic nervous system. Through breathing, relaxation, positive self-talk and meditation, we teach our students how to activate the parasympathetic system of “rest and digest” to balance the hormones and chemicals in the brain. This produces alpha brain waves for relaxed concentration, which is the best mental state for our students’ optimal performance.

One exercise we teach our students to release anxiety before a test is brain tapping. Sitting up straight, students tap all around their head, releasing tension while stimulating blood, oxygen and energy circulation to the brain. Through slow and deep breathing, focusing on their exhalation, students clear their mind of all the nervousness and return to the zero point of mental balance with fresh focus for the task at hand.

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