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Power Brain Education has worked with 10,000 teachers and parents, and 30,000 students in over 350 schools nationwide.

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Improving the School culture

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What is Brain Education?

Power Brain Training Center

The following is a list of programs we provide in order to help schools establish a “Power Brain” culture to promote health, happiness, peace and optimal achievement.


  • Personal and Professional Potential Workshop
  • Team Building Workshop
  • BE Teacher Workshop
  • BE Leadership Course
  • Teacher Leadership Retreat


  • Power Brain Club
  • Dahn Mu Do BE Club
  • BE Student Leadership Camp


  • Executive Leadership Seminar
  • Executive Leadership Retreat


  • Basic BE Seminar
  • BE for Nutrition and Wellness
  • BE for Stress Management and Emotional Control

For Teachers:

We provide a variety of professional development trainings for teachers, ranging from one-hour to one week. All trainings are designed to give participants hundreds of hands-on exercises, activities and principles to use in the classroom as well as direct experience in mindfulness and stress-management training for their own development.

For Students:

We offer direct classroom instruction for students, K-12. These instructional visits, ranging from twenty minutes to one hour, give students a variety of mind-body exercises to promote focus, confidence and emotional wellness. Typically, these visits are done weekly, in blocks of 5-20 weeks. These visits also enable teachers to reinforce their learning.

For Parents:

Our parent seminars give parents activities to use at home to help their children stay healthy, happy and focused. By directly participating in BE exercises, parents also learn techniques to manage stress, improve energy levels and create harmonious relationships within the family.

Workshops & Trainings for Teachers:

Stay Calm and Take Your Test

Power Brain Training Center

Focused Testing

Power Brain Training Center

Introductory BE Workshop [1 Hour]

In this engaging and interactive introductory workshop, staff members are oriented to the theory and practice of the innovative Brain Education for Enhanced Learning program. Teachers are also able to experience a sampling of BE activities and exercises to get a first-hand perspective of the program’s comprehensive educational value. The staff’s feedback following this introduction can aid administrators in making informed decisions regarding implementing future BE programs in their school.

BE for Team Building [1 Hour]

This interactive and fun workshop is an excellent way to enhance cooperation and teamwork among teachers and staff. Whether held at the beginning of the year or as mid-year refresher, this workshop allows participants to work together in a meaningful, safe and challenging setting that promotes personal growth, collective responsibility and school pride. Through a variety of physical and mental team activities, staff members connect with one another on a deep level and learn to use each other’s talents and experience to achieve their team’s objectives. Built in to this engaging workshop is a sharing session in which participants reflect on how they can use the lessons from this training to best serve the school community.

  • Basic BE exercises following the BE 5 steps
  • “Hap Shim” game
  • Interpersonal exercises
  • Teamwork activities to build trust and understanding


  • Improved relations among staff
  • Improved staff morale
  • Sense of shared vision for the school
  • Physical and mental exercises to promote personal health and wellness

Personal and Professional Potential BE Workshop [2-3 Hours]

In this customized workshop, Power Brain Education works closely with the administration and teachers to develop a precise training to meet the specific needs of the school. Schools may choose to build their BE workshop using one or more of the following themes:

  • Stress management
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Memory and concentration
  • Emotional control
  • Physical Health and Wellness

BE Teaching Workshop (BETW) [14 Hours]

This flagship workshop introduces educators to Brain Education for Enhanced Learning, a program designed to help students maximize their brain’s fullest capabilities. During this 14-hour experiential workshop, participants are exposed to the basic fundamentals of Brain Education while learning how to incorporate this fun and revolutionary program into their classroom. The BETW covers all 15 lessons of the basic curriculum, including special training that allows participants to feel the powerful effects of BE. Every participant will receive a copy of Workbook 1, a Teacher Manual and a music CD.

Once trained in the BETW, teachers are prepared and motivated to teach the innovative 15-lesson basic BE program to their students.

  • Teaches the basic 15 lessons of the Brain Education for Enhanced Learning program
  • Experiential activities to fully integrate participants’ learning
  • Exciting mix of physical, emotional and cognitive exercises
  • Built-in teaching practice to promote confident instruction
  • Reflective break-out discussion on classroom and school-wide program implementation


  • Stress management and wellness tools for staff
  • Students exhibit better focus, imagination and memory
  • Promotes cooperative, nurturing classroom environment
  • Promotes physical health, emotional wellness and improved cognitive functioning

BE Leadership Training (BEL)

A powerful and unique educational training designed to give individuals the experience and confidence they need to enhance their personal lives and share Brain Education as a certified instructor with children, adults and the world! Brain Education (BE) Leadership Training offers participants the opportunity to experience the unlimited potential of their brains through a series of highly experiential, innovative trainings that focus on the brain itself. Based upon the Brain Education System Training (BEST), this program exposes participants to simple, but profound methods that lead to a sense of empowerment over the workings of the brain. The goal of BE, and this training, is to develop an awareness of the role of the brain in your life, to gain an ability to coordinate the various parts of your brain, and ultimately gain mastery over your brain so that it is working fully in your favor. BE combines Eastern mind-body training methods with the latest findings in neuroscience to integrate and apply core understandings about the brain, mind and behavior. Over the course of a week, participants will not only learn how to use their own brains more productively, they will also gain the skills and tools needed to enhance the lives of others. After completing this training, participants will have an awareness of brain structure and function, a deeper understanding of brain philosophy, as well as a professional certification to teach others in specially designed programs. Brain Education Leadership Training is highly recommended for anyone interested in learning more about the brain and how to unlock its true potential.

Parent Workshop

In this engaging and interactive introductory workshop, parents are oriented to the theory and practice of the innovative Brain Education for Enhanced Learning program. The purpose of the workshop is to involve parents as partners in facilitating the BE program, enabling them to supplement the BE activities their children are learning at school to help students and families integrate the BE principles of health, happiness and peace into their home life. Parents are also able to experience a sampling of BE activities and exercises to get a first-hand perspective of the program’s comprehensive educational value. This community-building workshop emphasizes core BE exercises and the connection between nutrition and brain functioning.


  • Promotes positive communication between parents and school
  • Reinforces BE lessons and activities learned at school in the home environment
  • Encourages healthier habits for parents and their children
  • Encourages more active parent participation in school activities

BE For Teachers Class

Ninety minute BE sessions designed to help your teachers improve their physical health, manage their stress and optimize their personal and professional potential. Additionally, these classes dramatically improve a teacher’s ability to facilitate the Brain Education for Enhanced Learning program to their students. Taught on site at your school by certified Brain Education Trainers and/or Advanced BE Leaders, the BE for Teachers classes cover all five BE Steps and contain the following elements: meridian stretching; joint-opening exercises; brain-body coordination exercises; relaxation and stress management; energy breathing postures; brain wave vibration; and guided imagery and visualization exercises. Benefits commonly include: increased energy; resilience to stress; more positive attitude; better teamwork among staff members; improved focus; increased confidence; more effective implementation of the BE program to students.

BE Teacher Leadership Retreat [2-3 days/nights]

Location: Honor’s Haven Resort, Ellenville, NY
During this exciting weekend retreat, teachers will receive a variety of BE training including a combination of team building and stress management mini-workshops. Held at the beautiful Honor’s Haven Resort, teachers will also have time to enjoy a variety of recreational activities in this majestic natural setting. This retreat provides a wonderful opportunity for the staff to rejuvenate and refresh themselves while reflecting on how to utilize the BE program to optimize the quality of their instruction.

  • Team building and stress management mini-workshops
  • Outdoor Training (“Longevity Walking,” hiking, scenic waterfall)
  • Various recreational activities provided by the beautiful Honor’s Haven Resort (hiking, swimming, golf, basketball, tennis)

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