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Signature Workshops

Power Brain for Self-Mastery

During this 2 night, 3 day Power Brain for Self Mastery Retreat, you will immerse yourself in exercises, principles, healing, and meditation that are designed to awaken your brain to become the master of your life. Learn the detailed method of mastering your brain through Brain Education and the Brain Operating System (BOS).




New Agreement for a New Earth

In this 2 nights/3 days retreat, you will learn about the 3 essential pillars of comprehensive healing: brain, heart, and gut, which act as your body’s 3 minds and 3 power houses. Connect with your natural intelligence to create feelings of health, peace, contentment, and love within you by becoming deeply empowered with principles and tools to create a Power Brain, Empathetic Heart, and Healthy Gut.


Power Brain Training Center

For Kids

Our Brain Education classes and leadership programs empower kids age 4~16 to maximize their brain potential.

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For Schools

We've worked with thousands of students (pre-k ~12), teachers and parents in over 350 schools in the US.

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For Adults

Classes and empowerment workshops teach relaxation and mindfulness to create optimal life balance.

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For Families

Our monthly Family Classes and annual Family Retreats bring health and happiness to the whole family.

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