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Power Brain Education has worked with 10,000 teachers and parents, and 30,000 students in over 350 schools nationwide.

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“I have one particular student….his focus has increased but more, he visibly enjoyed each and every day with much more obvious pleasure. I also benefited from the deep breathing and core exercises and they helped me to refuel my patience and bring vigor and rigor to the planned academic lesson.”

Dee A., teacher, Gilbert Public Schools, AZ


“The most direct impact I see is the change in the attitude of my teachers. They are more collaborative and use BE language to support each other. We are also able to support ourselves. When we make a mistake we keep a more positive frame of mind. This positive, confident mindset is transferring to the students who thoroughly enjoy and look forward to all our BE activities.”

Bernice Acevedo – Principal, Lenox Elementary, B


“I have found Brain Education to be a truly transformational system for my staff and students. At times it has been difficult to encourage different groups within the school to work together. BE has facilitated a sense of collaborative teamwork which has improved relationships and promoted the family atmosphere essential to teacher and student success. It is creating a supportive community of caring. With this positive environment, group decision making becomes easier as people are more open to new ideas. We recently celebrated this culture of health, happiness and peace with our school wide “HSP Day” event. We look forward to implementing BE programs at PS 001X as we continue to make great gains in our academic and social progress.”

Jorge Perdomo – Principal, PS 1X


“Participation in the Brain Education for Enhanced Learning program is giving my students the tools they need to live a more balanced life. They are learning to take care of their bodies, use their brains and control their emotions. The greeting “Hello, Power Brain” is our signal to activate our physical and mental resources to manifest our dreams in the world. BE is helping us rewire our kids for success.”

Randy Seabrook – Principal, PS 111Q


“One of the purposes of the Quality Review is to gather and assess data to support student outcomes. In so doing, we found there was a disconnect between our students’ mental and physical wellbeing. We felt the need to connect the physical, emotional and cognitive aspects of intelligence to improve student achievement. Brain Education for Enhanced Learning (BE) has helped improve the level of student engagement which has led to a more focused learning environment. Our students have raised their achievement as measured by traditional and nontraditional domains. Since we introduced BE, they are more confident and they interact in a much more positive way with other students and adults. In my classroom observations, students are able to sustain their concentration for a noticeably longer period of time in all the core subjects.”

Tashon McKeithan – Principal, PS 65X

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