What is Brain Education?

Brain Education is an innovative educational program designed to develop the full potential of the human brain.

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Q: What is Brain Education?
A: Brain Education (BE) is a method for creating health, happiness, optimal achievement, and peacefulness through better self-management of the brain. Brain Education combines classical Asian mind-body techniques with the latest findings from neuroscience. Our programs include physical, emotional and cognitive exercises, as well as postures, breathing techniques, guided imagery and games to improve focus, confidence, creativity and memory. Power Brain Education facilitates BE programs for students, teachers and parents in over 350 schools around the country and through our four Power Brain Training Centers.
Q: Brain Education vs. Tutoring?
A: Brain Education Training is fundamentally different from tutoring. Instead of targeting any specific subject area, BE is designed to build and strengthen an individual student’s capacity for focus, confidence, emotional regulation, and self-motivation, which forms the foundation of the child’s success not only in the classroom but also in all areas of his/her life. Tutoring, on the other hand, aims to re-teach academic material that a student did not comprehend the first time. Research on the effects of mindfulness-based brain training has been growing over the recent years and studies suggest that regular practice can produce lasting effects on executive functioning and emotion regulation. Systematic training of these functions may be particularly helpful in improving academic performance, while strengthening skills such as confidence, attention, and emotional control. Many of our exercises have a set of tools incorporated in them to help your child to be “in the moment,” meaning to be focused and attentive, and being able to learn and recall information better.
Q: What does the program look like?
A: For KIDS we offer a 90 min (Bayside location 120 min) class once per week. Our classes include a variety of engaging and challenging physical, emotional and cognitive exercises that cover a range of significant themes, including:
  • Physical Health
  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Brain and Body Awareness
  • Concentration, Focus and Memory
  • Coordination and Integration of multiple brain functions
  • Stress Management and Relaxation
  • Emotional Regulation and Positive Attitude
  • Confidence and Self-efficacy
  • Imagination and Creativity
  • Goal Setting and Life Purpose
  • Global Consciousness

The classes encourage positive socialization and self-expression and contain fun routines which help build focus, memory and creativity.

Q: What are the memberships?
A: For kids we offer many types of memberships. We offer individual and/or group weekly classes, summer camp, and various leadership trainings. For most students, their membership falls between $150-200 per month.


Q: What are the prices for your program?
A: We offer a variety of memberships. The price can change based on length of membership and what your personal package includes, but most adult memberships fall between $100-150 per month while most children memberships fall between $150-200 per month.
Q: How old are the kids at your center?
A: We offer programs designed for kids age 4-18.

Power Brain Training Center

For Kids

Our Brain Education classes and leadership programs empower kids age 4~16 to maximize their brain potential.

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We've worked with thousands of students (pre-k ~12), teachers and parents in over 350 schools in the US.

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For Adults

Classes and empowerment workshops teach relaxation and mindfulness to create optimal life balance.

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Our monthly Family Classes and annual Family Retreats bring health and happiness to the whole family.

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