What is Brain Education?

Brain Education is an innovative educational program designed to develop the full potential of the human brain.

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5 Steps of Brain Education

The reason we can retrain our brain is because the brain’s neuronal networks are changeable according to our experiences, perceptions, thoughts and emotions.

Neuroplasticity is the human brain’s capacity for change in response to our experiences and activities. The fact that we can change our brain is perhaps the most useful and optimistic bit of information any of us can have. Here are the steps that BE proposes to retrain your brain to make it more creative, peaceful, and productive:


Step 1: Brain Sensitizing

We use physical exercises (such as yoga, martial arts, HSP dance, isometric breathing postures and games) to improve blood circulation and awaken the body-brain senses. With enhanced sensory awareness and mindfulness training, we begin to improve our physical health and focus.


Step 2: Brain Versatilizing

We engage in fun and challenging mental fitness exercises and various non-symmetrical kinesthetic activities.
Based on the neuroscience research on neuroplasticity, these activities help our brain to become more flexible, adaptable and resilient. New synapses (connections between brain cells) are created as students connect the left and right hemispheres of the brain through these coordination exercises.


Step 3: Brain Refreshing

We release negative emotions and memories through HSP breathing and relaxation, confidence-building and stress management exercises. As we free ourselves from anxiety and stress, we return to the “zero point” of emotional balance where we can practice proactively creating a more positive attitude while choosing beneficial behaviors.


Step 4: Brain Integrating

Through Brain Wave Vibration, visualization and guided imagery techniques, we learn to integrate the three main layers of the brain (neo-cortex, limbic system and brain stem) while improving communication and cooperative interaction between the brain’s left and right hemispheres. Students learn to set meaningful and ambitious goals that require and inspire them to align their thoughts, emotions and actions.


Step 5: Brain Mastering

We practice implementing BE principles and exercises into our daily lives. Through consistent training, we realize our power of choice which leads to improved executive control and life mastery. Peer teaching, mentoring and student-led community projects typify this step.

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